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My Bestie got hitched!

So after SIX years of being with the same guy my best friend finally decided to get married.

I wish every bride would do what she did when it came to bridesmaid dresses. Instead of sticking us all in the same ugly dress we will never wear again she let us pick out our own black dress (cause every girl has a little black dress ;) ).

I wish you the best Mrs. Adams.


In other news I'm sick. =( No bueno.

We got a puppy!

He is a Daschund named Scooter and I love him!

Someone left him in a cage overnight in front of animal control so no one knows much about him but so far he has been super. He's still a little out of it because of his neutering [Clay County won't let you adopt an animal unless it is spayed or neutered] but we think he is housebroken. He lets us know when he needs to go potty by sitting at the door.

He has been a little grumpy but can you really blame him? I can't. Surgery sucks.

6 Days!

6 days until me and the boyfriend's anniversary....AND MY FIRST CRUISE!

We are going to Grand Cayman and Mexico and I am so super super uber excited. I have never left the United States before so I'm kinda nervous too.

We are taking the Carnival Inspiration out of Tampa.


It's also my first paid vacation ever. =D


So....I still have this thing?

It has been YEARS since I thought about my LJ. I was googling my old screennames and this thing popped up.

I use to have so many friends on the boards and I REALLY REALLY miss them. We use to be so cool. :P

So since I last posted:

- I got engaged to my high school sweetheart.
- I moved to Orlando to be with him.
- I dumped him after five years of being together.
- I dated an idiot. He abused and used the bajesus out of me.
- I moved back to Jacksonville.
- I graduated from the University of North Florida.
- I fell in love with a truck driver. We have been together a year.
- I'm his dispatcher. =P

Anyone else still on this thing?

Hey everyone!

It has been so incredibly long since I've posted on here! I have no idea who still has an LJ and who gave them up for facebook and myspace [like I did.]

Miss you all. Leave me a message and give me a reason to look at this thing again.

Chicken Heads

The guys in my life are such chickens this isn't even funny now....

Most of ya'll know that Michael had been planning on asking me out as soon as he relized at prom that I wans't a crazy pysco chick.

What most of you don't know is that my crush at the time was planning on asking me out two class periods after Michael did.

I know everything worked out for the better but geez. It's fairly amusing when you wake up and you have a text saying, "I don't want to start a love triangle but your right...I really screwed up"

Oh well.

His loss.

Because I'm happy and in love.

And the boy loves me back.

so sad

Today my grandma died....

2006 baby


That is so exciting!
I am so looking forward to May of this year for obvious reasons.

1) Graduation
2) Graduation party/birthday party at the beach with my bestest friend EVER
3) My birthday 5 days before that

And then I start college in the summer...

Now if I can make it though calculus I'll be fine.

Let's get this show on the road people.....

Lost so much but gained so much in 05

Things I have lost
Buddy [the most precious pet i have ever had]
Sammy [who was my dog since I was a baby]
A liking for math [I now can't stand it...and I'm in TWO math classes]
A little bit of myself
An ability to talk to my online friends like Aly and Vin

Things I have gained
knowledge that it will be better
Katrinia [my puppy]
More friends
a boyfriend who doesn't treat me like crap
love for some people I never really knew